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Oohh, that's a nice surprise

Kim Coates is on Prison Break tonight. Whee. Not as sexy a look as his Skinwalkers look (what? plenty of people fangirl over book Snape), but it's still awesome seeing him. He looks all sauve and "I'm a badass suit." It's nice seeing him. Distracting.

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So. I got another ship from tonight's episode of SPN. Eli/Lenore was all kinds of shippy. However, I did *not* like Amber Benson's hair. I'm sure it was to make her look vampiric, but it came off sickly. Her hair is too shiny and limp, and it looked like she hadn't washed her hair for a few weeks. Eh, whatever. I still totally shipped them.

I miss Luthor so much. I hated Kate, why couldn't she die instead?! Ugh. *huggles Luthor and Bo and Meg and Eli and Lenore and Shifter*

A decent episode, but I think vampires came into play again too quickly. Though this time the focus wasn't on them, so that made it a bit better. The beginning made me giddy. XD

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It's official.

Well, Raw, goodbye. I refuse to say goodbye to Kane after that utterly anti-climatic and CHEAP ending. Umaga cheats and cheats and cheats and ignores his ban and cannot wrestler or even pretend to and is nothing but an ugly FATASS with NO MUSCLE TONE AT ALL, and he wins because of it without any punishment, while one of the best guys still around is forced to leave. I have nothing against Glen Jacobs wanting to take a break, I wish him well. I wish the Raw writers a week in hell.

Until Kane returns, I will not watch one second of Raw. I half hope when he does come back, it isn't to Raw. Vince - rot in hell, and choke on your own chicken.

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Wow, I'm, updating

I might should do that more often. Update, I mean. I'm going to start updating more often here. I shouldn't let this journal go to waste just because I prefer GJ. It's not so bad after all.  Maybe I'll post some of the drabbles I've been writing lately over here as well as GJ. Most of them have been for See No Evil. I can't help it, maybe it wasn't popular, but I love it.

What I do not love, is when Umaga messes up Kane's matches, beats Kane up, or does both. I am seriously pissed over the way Raw has been going lately. I was also pissed with the SmackDown appearances at the end. I was really looking forward to the Cena vs. Lita - with Zena having one hand tied behind his back no less - match, and then they make it go over quickly so Cena can get his ass handed to him by stupid SmackDown people that annoy the crap out of me.


Alright, so this journal is becoming more active, Raw needs to get its act together, and I need to play with my cat.
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(no subject)

Things to do over the course of the next few days.

Get with Jess, Cat, Rob, and one of Jess' friends who's involved, and see about getting the lycan/Underworld icon communities up and running.

Make more icons and make sure I've entered all the icontests I wanted to enter.

Spruce up my user info, the Skinwalkers comm info, plus my layout and its' layout, and the layout and info for twisted_iconage

Work on a layout for GJ, and a mood theme for there.

Possible layouts (probably gonna make all of 'em or get Jill to help me make all of 'em - in the fact that she can do better texting tham myself - just not sure which ones for which journal/comm) : Quintana-Sonya, Jason Behr/Shiri Appleby, Double Dippers, Awakened Dreamers, Nomak-Dark, werewolves!, and there's probably a few others in my head, I just forgot them, lol.

Pretty sure my GJ mood theme will be Max, Liz, and Zan, though, so I'm leaning towards the Jason/Shiri, Double Dippers, or Awakened Dreamers being my GJ layout.