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A long and needed update

This is overdue, and therefore, very long.

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I won't be online much until getting settled, which will take a while. I don't know how long, but I'm patient, this is worth the patience. I probably won't be updating here regularly again for a while, though I may just use this journal for keeping in contact with certain friends and posting in icon communities, maybe posting updates with my stories and videos in here as well - though I won't have much time to do many updates with either of those for a while either.

But I wanted to let my friends know I'm still around, and that my life is looking up, so hopefully I will be able to return to being a good, decent friend again and keeping up with everyone else. A huge thank you to those that have been so supportive and understanding, and a big apology for not working harder at keeping in touch with everyone.

Oh, and my obsession finally came out. Despite the flaws, i do indeed adore Skinwalkers and Varek/Sonja. ;)

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Three points to this post

I'm going to catch up with my flist soon. I'm sorry for not commenting anywhere and being so, well, quiet. Things are just crazy here. Especially since my birthday is this Sunday - whoo!

Which brings me to my second purpose for this post:


Hope you had a great one. :)

And thirdly now: please, please, if you have ANY free time, go vote at lycan_stillness. I really need more votes. We have only a few members, and some of them won't even vote. Very annoying. When you only have 17 members and less than that watching the comm and only some of them even vote, it gets kinda problematic.But we're growing! We're picking up, so I'm very thankful for that at least.

Anyway, shutting up now. ^^;
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Thank you, and please?

Thank you everyone for your comments and support. I've really appreciated it. The past week has been extremely rough, but things are looking much better. My family is finally able to heal from the approximate two years of taking care of Papa and dealing with his failing health and sanity/clarity. He went peacefully, and we can move on. I'm very grateful for this.

Also, voting is up at lycan_stillness, and we would definitely appreciate your votes. Cat, I'm pretty sure I can remain main mod. I'm doing much better now. :)
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Dresden Files and communty ideas

First off - I'm so glad I finally caught the werewolf episode of the Dresden Files. Good ep. Not my favorite though, that's still the episode with Kim Coates, but it was good nonetheless. I'm really enjoying this show. *should totally read the books*

Secondly, I'm really tempted, even though it'd give me more to worry about, to make a Tricia Helfer stillness community. It's sad that she doesn't have one yet. She should have one. I'm very tempted. I'm tempted to make a Sarah Carter stillness icontest too, but again, am resisting.

But it's very difficult.

That is all.
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Skinwalkers trailer

Okay, I am positive this is a slightly different trailer from the one I saw in theaters (different clip structure and at least one scene not included, and possibly a different narrator), however, it is still made of awesome. Loads of Jason Behr and Natassia Malthe (and several clips that make it pretty clear sexuality will be a big factor in the rating). Find the trailer here.
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Skinwalkers trailer!


That movie owns my soul.

The trailer kicked my ass and pumped me up and psyched me out.

March 30th is not soon enough! Everyone should go join skinwalkers now! If you like werewolves or Jason Behr or Natassia Malthe or genre movies or whatever! But I'm pimping the comm, because that movie OWNS.
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Lyan Stillness pimping

I should have done this a long time ago, but with everything that's going on I just didn't really think about it. Today's the last day to submit icons to the lycan_stillness challenge. We could really use more entries. (Co-mods, if you could also pimp/post reminders as well, that'd be great.) If we don't get anymore today, it'll be extended again. And if none then, it'll just be shut down most likely.

I think today will be an anti-vampire day for me.
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